Sunday, 12 April 2015

Saying Goodbye... For A While

After a fortnight of lie-ins, revision and more access to the fridge than any hungry teenager could hope for, my Easter break has almost come to an end. Weep.

Like all heartfelt humans, tears dance in the corner of my eyes as I realise that my two weeks away from routine are so close to being over; really, it somewhat feels so long ago when I arrived home from school at lunchtime, excited about having so many days to devote to doing what I wanted! Yet, as I keep learning, you become almost unaware of time's presence whilst enjoying yourself which, despite the unpleasantness of being unwell and enduring an agonising injection, I've managed to do of late.

In fact, I feel as though I'm going somewhere new tomorrow because school seems to be such a distant reality at the moment, even though I've been going there since before Christmas. Although my attendance in the classroom hasn't been necessary for a while, at least I can proudly declare that my brain hasn't transformed into a pile of sticky mush over the holidays - most definitely one of the benefits of establishing a revision timetable!

Ah, revision... No matter how many times you vow to unplug your laptop from the internet and get on with some work, viewing somebody's Facebook page suddenly becomes more irresistible than tucking into a slice of gooey chocolate cake. Annoyingly, I've landed myself in this so-difficult-get-out-of position on a number of occasions during the holidays because The Vampire Diaries is obviously more fascinating than learning about sound waves (sorry, Science teacher!).

Still, I can't really beat myself up because, at the end of the day, I have revised in one form or another. And, considering that I've had plenty to keep me occupied, shouldn't it be acceptable?

Anyway, I've got several hurdles to get myself over before party time can truly commence in style - ahem, exams are coming up, remember? Whether it should be seen as a blessing or a gift wrapped in blood red from the devil, I only have two exams this week... then FIVE the following. Oh yes, I'm extremely pleased about contending with tough English Lit questions, Science essays and a Puppet performance to be held in my Performing Arts lessons within the same week: I'll certainly be in need of another two week holiday!

However, my mock exam timetable has a weird tendency to change its mind every now and then, so several dates may be incorrect - or some exams (e.g. Maths) may not even be sat at all if luck bothers to be on my side (and stops robbing me of money stupidly wasted on the Euromillions)...

All in all, I've really loved being able to relax and stop obsessing over the little things which tend to define my life during term-time, such as how to style my hair in the morning (yes, I'll definitely admit to being a little crazy when it comes to The Hair), which mascara I ought to wear (Great Lash or Bare Minerals) and the sort of snacks I should put in my lunch (pistachio nuts or dried apricots). Regardless of where I go or what I do, a break is a break - what more could I ask for?

Even though I tend to ignore it, there are times when being away from a heavy-going environment - especially one so focused on exams, questions and lengthy essays - is the cleanest burst of fresh air that you could want, which creates a relaxed mindset that stays with you once you return. Sure, I love routine, but not to the extent that I could follow it all the time!

This leads me to say that, with so many exams to revise for and think about, I'm going to give myself a break from my blogging duties, which need to be abandoned whilst I focus on getting through the next fortnight. Two weeks might seem so long to me right now, but I know that I'll be fine once I get to the 'other side; - hopefully one which will shower me in succulent success! I just need to ensure that my time is being used well during the weekend and after school for a while, which is why I want to cut down on writing as I'll obviously be doing plenty of it in my exams; just what any writer loves!

So... this is it. Farewell for however long I need to focus on my exams - how I will yearn to return to Blogger when I answer three intensive-as-a-workout questions in my English Language paper tomorrow afternoon! For those who are sitting their mocks or actual exams anytime soon, best of luck - as I hope you wish me the same tomorrow!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Great List of Things That Have Happened (So Far) This Week

Holidays, holidays, holidays - at times, they seem so endless that you begin to wonder whether they will last forever. Although all of us secretly shriek with terror at the prospect of a long holiday coming to an end, holidays can sometimes drag on a little bit, can't they? And, let's face it, every teen hates getting bored, which is far more likely to occur when holidays go on and on for what feels like years. 

Now firmly halfway through my final week off school, I've mostly lost the eager-eyed motivation that shone in my twinkling eyes almost a fortnight ago, brimming with determination to revise harder than I ever have during my sixteen years on this planet. Instead, I've turned into the most terrific procrastinator that Earth has even known, hiding beneath duvets, beds and Google tabs when I really ought to have been tackling a Maths past paper (which I haven't bothered to revise for yet - oops!). 

No matter how many times I promise to work and revise, I find myself doing the exact opposite - with unlimited time that could be devoted to having fun, I cannot resist giving into my weaker senses, who lack the desire to prepare for my upcoming mock exams. Ugh, my heart sings at the thought of going to school as soon as all my exams are over; by then, I shall be preparing for my trip to France in June, which will be my very first adventure abroad. How I yearn to escape to Normandy and make myself at home in a warmly-scented boulangerie until every single mock exam has finished - and it is finally safe to return! Still, I have a rather strong feeling that such a thing will never happen, even though I've just gotten my passport...

Anyway, let's ask none other than myself a question: how has my week been so far? If I had to sum it up in one word, tiring would most definitely be the adjective forming on my lips. Exhausting, draining and indeed tiring is how I'd describe this week, though it could possibly change by the time it ends - or perhaps not! 

Once again, I can't resist posing yet another question to myself, who is already growing tired (haha!) of being asked so many things that she doesn't honestly care about: what has happened? Putting all of it into a list is certainly going to make me even more tired...

1. I've mostly been recovering from being unwell on none other than Easter Sunday, which was thrown into a spectacular chaos when all plans of bingeing on roast beef and Lindt bunnies were ruined after I began to feel under the weather. OK, a day is a day - and I'll obviously have many more Easter Sundays ahead of me - but being unable to do anything was a great nuisance, in addition to feeling ridiculously weak. Fun, huh? 

2. Two days after the Easter fiasco, I ventured outside to be driven miles to have an interview, which was essential in order to obtain my passport. Not realising that a mini heatwave was dominating the world outdoors, I stupidly went out in a thick coat, jumper and thermals (the very thing that has helped me survive the past winter) while the sun was shining like a lazor beam. No wonder I couldn't stop sweating once I got into the car - it was as though I'd wandered into a roasting oven! To make matters worse, my jumper was a light grey, so any sweat marks could have looked extremely obvious - and would have been very hard to conceal...

3. As if suffering from illness at the weekend wasn't enough, I had to go along to the doctor's for an appointment to get my final booster, which hopefully means that I will never have to be near a needle ever again. If it wasn't for still feeling a bit unsteady on my feet, I probably wouldn't have minded having the injection, but I really didn't feel all-too-confident about it yesterday - injections are hardly anything to get excited about! To my annoyment (which I managed to conceal like an inflamed spot), I only found out that I was having a second booster just moments before I had my injection, which only worsened my mood - and ultimately the aches that I'm still feeling strongly less than twenty four hours on. Even now, I'm struggling to lift my arms because pain automatically shoots through them like a bullet, which makes even the least significant tasks (e.g. pouring myself a glass of juice) amazingly difficult. 

And the best thing of all hasn't even happened yet: one of the four trips that my family make to the other side of the country, which shall occur tomorrow (and firmly banish all possible chances of revising). Really, I needn't say that this hasn't been my week!

Monday, 6 April 2015

How to Get Over Sickness

Can you think of anything more horrible than recovering from the worst weekend that your body has ever been through? Seriously, I can't bear the thought of considering something more horrific than being unable to move about, paralysed by aches and pains that literally glue me to my bed all day. 

Unfortunately, my plans of devouring my Lindt chocolate bunny yesterday - an Easter Sunday tradition that I've always celebrated - were put on hold yesterday when I was suddenly seized by a stomach bug, which relished the opportunity of depriving me from the usual treats that define Easter. Within hours, my face had paled to a shade even more ghostly than Casper's complexion, while I struggled to close my eyes and transport myself to a world without buckets, six feet-deep blankets and boiling temperatures bothering me for several hours. Just what anybody could hope for - not!

Fast forward twenty four hours, I've mostly recovered from my sickness, yet I haven't entirely gotten rid of a sense of delicateness which I suppose still makes me entitled to special treatment from my family - something that I'm definitely not going to complain about! And, to be honest, I doubt that I'll be tucking into cold jacket potatoes for breakfast every day... 

So, if you have succumbed to any leapt-out-of-nowhere bugs or are feeling rather sorry for yourself after bingeing on one too many Cadbury's Easter eggs, I've gathered some advice on what to do in the meantime until you recover. Recovery isn't an instant process which proves that, despite my hopes of waking up this morning and feeling as fine as I did several days ago, it takes a while to reach the finishing line. Mostly, taking care of yourself requires oh-so-ridiculously-basic common sense, but I really wouldn't trust my wiser senses whilst stumbling around the house in a sleep-deprived haze, would I? 

1. Haribos, I'm breaking up with you...

Obviously a trick that I truly regret not paying attention to yesterday, eating can in fact cause unnecessary stress to your already messed-up digestive system, resulting in more trips to the ugly yellow bucket than your nightmares could ever conjure. Until you are completely, 100% sure that not a drop of yesterday's breakfast will be making a guest appearance, try your hardest to not be seduced by the packet of digestives hidden in the cupboard! 

Still, I did try to eat some food, mainly toast and jacket potatoes (a.k.a. plain foods which Google translate as 'boring'), with a few gingersnaps thrown into my unusual diet (as ginger is often linked with being good for nausea), because I didn't want to deprive my body of any nutrients. Even though going without my typical diet of fruit, vegetables and perhaps a gooey chocolate chip cookie or two for a day was unlikely to throw my body into despair, I disliked the idea of literally starving myself all day long - well, 

2. No parties allowed - just rest!

It isn't every day when you are encouraged by your parents, who generally think that you are the laziest teenager to have ever existed on this planet, to lie on your bed and pretend that you're sunbathing on a beach in Ibiza as you fight the cruel-minded pathogens attacking your body, but at least we know how to make the most of this opportunity! 

However, unlike the numerous parties that we'd never resist going to on Spain's sunniest island, resting is rather boring business, which entirely goes against a teen's principles of having fun all the time. Quel horreur! Still, I nonetheless relished the chance to escape my constant stomach aches and general weakness for several hours whilst closing my eyes and somewhat falling asleep for a little while - it's certainly better than remaining awake, which only provides you with time to spend pitying yourself! 

3. Bye-bye work!

Originally, I'd planned on making the holidays into a non-stop revision session, jam-packed with past papers, examination questions, mind-maps, analysing texts and reading as many books as possible. Despite my best efforts, I've hardly done any of this - and, until I feel more like myself, I have no intention of returning to eager, borderline insane studying mode quite yet. 

For one thing, how can I expect myself to produce work to my usual standard if all I'm thinking about is whether I still need the puke bucket to constantly remain by my side? Dealing with an unpleasant bug is bad enough, but is even worse when you have to contend with intensive work which requires tons of energy - all of which is being channelled into battling your illness. 

As I was intent on making a start on Maths revision, I'm somewhat relieved to not be tackling vectors, rectangles and other horrors for a while. Well, at least I haven't lost my sense of positivity...

4. Readjust slowly

When I woke up this morning and realised that my stomach no longer groaned as horribly as it did yesterday, my instant reaction was to race down the stairs towards the kitchen and raid all the cupboards - because I had absolutely nothing in my system. Sorry to give you such graphic details, but everything that I'd consumed over the weekend had come up, so it was fair to say that I was running on virtually nothing. 

Like a car, I craved to refuel myself with some food, but I somehow managed to get a hold of my brain before hunger took hold of my sanity. As I couldn't be entirely sure that I'd mostly gotten rid of the bug, there was no way that I could start stuffing myself with plate loads of bread quite yet - after all, has recovery ever been an instant process? 

So, approach food and drink (e.g. milk and juice, which can be quite acidic) carefully for the first day or two after the initial yuckiness. A good start is relying on the likes of plain toast and jacket potatoes (with a tiny amount of pepper if you yearn a bit of flavour) before trying other foods. Fizzy drinks such as Pepsi and Coca Cola can ease any uneasiness in your stomach, whilst providing a burst of flavour that is otherwise not present in toast and potatoes - believe me, Cola will definitely become your new best friend!

Whether it was a premonition or pure incidence, I baked tons of gingersnaps on Saturday, which I've mostly been eating today. Ginger is brilliant for reducing symptoms of nausea, whereas the biscuits inject a bit of sweetness and energy, but do bear in mind that eating too many is not a wise idea!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Treasures and Work

Approaching certain events in your life can be really intimidating when, just several years before, you were safely wrapped up in layers of soft, comforting cotton wall by those who care most about you. Escaping the future sometimes presents itself as an irresistible idea if we give into the up-in-the-air feelings which occasionally overpower our wiser senses; after all, shouldn't all of us at least try to savour the present while it lasts? Still, it takes some time until we finally realise - either by our own free will or through the encouragement from others - that running away does not disguise some of the things which we have to embrace. Unless those events are cancelled like a badly selling concert, we really don't have the right to rely on any excuses to get out of the things which we would much rather avoid - obviously, this is a trick that is only learnt by trying (and failing) it!

For example, I've been getting quite stressed out over the past week because I've felt as though I have hardly done any revision for my upcoming mocks, the first of which will be sat on Monday week - totally not the best way to kick off a new term! Although mocks are basically a fake exam, I'm nonetheless aiming to achieve some decent grades because I don't want to fail. OK, those words literally hit the nail on the head: I'm scared of failure. You might have seen some overly dramatic teen movies in which the main star gets a soul-destroying F in his or her Maths paper, which ultimately results in choked-up tears and groans over how to break the news to their oh-so-definitely disappointed parents. Obviously, I don't pay too much attention to these portrayals because I often think that they are egging it a little too much, but these scenes have been flooding my mind like a burst river bank of late - disaster is something that I really can't face!

However, I need to remember that, in order to move ahead towards the future that I'm dreaming off, getting experience - both positive and negative - right now will only serve to boost my confidence by the time I'm sitting my real exams next year. As many of you would agree with me, the first time in practically anything is usually reeking with awkwardness and uncertainty because, unlike a best friend whom you've known inside out since primary school, it is completely alien to you, which immediately makes you feel a bit vulnerable and unsteady on your feet. 

Just several months ago, I experienced this feeling whilst getting used to my home because it is so different to the one that I'd previously grew up in for seven years, yet I've literally forgotten about my old house because my current one has steadily become the place where I can always be myself. So, in a way, I've already gained experience in being able to cope with new things, which has proven to myself that I can adapt rather quickly, but it simply takes a while until I fully get my head around it - well, let's hope that twelve months or so shall be long enough!

My real message today is that, even when we sing at the top of our lungs with joy by the thought of giving up, we should dig deep into ourselves and find the courage to carry on. Of course, there are days when we yearn to remain cuddled up in bed and watch as much trash daytime TV as anyone could ask for, but we owe to none other than ourselves to carry on working towards a future that ought to shine like a well-polished jewel. Whether our hidden treasures are located within our brains, bodies or self-esteem, we should never lose our thirst to find and use it to our advantage - after all, some treasures are priceless. And what is more precious than ourselves at heart? 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Holding On For Another Day...

Beneath my bed, I've hidden two bars of chocolate nested between my old teddy bears and blankets. Wrapped in pretty sky blues and juicy purple pinks, the chocolate serves as a reminder of what I've forced myself to abstain from for over six weeks, yet also symbolises the gift that I'll be entitled when the abstaining period is finally over. 

Well, let's say that desperation seized hold of me around a week ago, gripping me tighter than a cat's claw, which motivated me to research numerous ways of skirting around my least favourite event of the year: Lent. Ugh, how the word sends horrific shivers down my spine as only suffering and deep longing is endured if I ever sign up to its yearly challenge! Like a Maths test, Lent tests me in many ways that I could never imagine, pushing me further than a ten minute stint on a speeding treadmill ever does. 

At the beginning, I'm full of enthusiasm when I embark on the long six week journey that counts down to Easter, which I'm certain almost every teenager on the planet embraces as the oh-so-perfect excuse to gorge on chocolate and bunny-shaped sweets as though the world could end tomorrow. After a few days of steering clear of my chosen forbidden treat, I start to settle into the mindset that Lent isn't as tough as it is often portrayed to be - in fact, if I've got the willpower to avoid a mouthful of chocolate for one week, who's to say that I can't manage six or more weeks? 

Unfortunately, the early optimism gradually leaves an empty hole within me as time wears on, which builds my chocolate cravings into a state that it hurts to think about it. Suddenly, a week seems as long as a year, particularly so at weekends when I'm surrounded with cupboards piled high with bars of chocolate that I failed to finish off before Lent gained control of my wiser senses. I even couldn't stay away from chocolate at school, which resulted in my having to tragically decline chocolates that I'd earnt the right to after working hard all term - and quite possibly won't have another opportunity to enjoy anytime soon! 

Still, I'm determined to not look back at the past six weeks and only think of the many special deals I missed at Asda because tomorrow will mark my very first day in being able to consume chocolate once again. Yes, I'm honestly not kidding you or myself - even Google agrees with me! Tomorrow is recognised as Holy Thursday which, as far as I'm concerned, is the earliest opportunity to give up Lent - something that I'll definitely have no problem in doing. In the past, I've always waited until Easter Sunday to give myself permission to devour six weeks worth of chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks, but something provoked me to check it out on the internet, which certainly suggested otherwise. To you, several days might represent nothing, but it's the opposite for me - the sooner, the better!

To be honest, I'm not sure if I want to go through Lent again because, what with sitting major exams next year, I don't know whether I'll have enough motivation to give up something that could very well be a symbol of relief and happiness during what will definitely be a stressful time. Chocolate is chocolate, but I appreciate it enough to not go mad whenever it is placed in front of me, though I'll probably struggle to contain myself when I let myself have a few squares in a days' time - how will I ever give it up again?

Anyway, I decided to get my favourite brand, Green and Black's, in honour of my efforts - both for successfully abstaining from chocolate and working hard in general - over the past few weeks. Usually, I don't like milk chocolate, but Green and Black's has proved to me that not all chocolate brands have adopted a sickly sweet flavour; hence why I'm reluctant to get an Easter egg this year because most of the ones sold in the supermarkets are produced with the cheapest and most disgusting ingredients. And, with an eagerness to try something new, I saw no problem in getting a milk chocolate bar infused with raisins and nuts, which will hopefully ease my guilt if I eat one too many squares in a single sitting. Really, you'd be amazed by the lengths I'd go to to remain healthy, even for something as sweet, delicious and creamy as chocolate! 

Thankfully, I've only got to wait for today to pass before my struggles are over, so I shall get on with some stuff (um, probably best if it wasn't cocoa-themed) until the best day of the week arrives - along with the many things that I recently ordered from Amazon. Something tells me that Thursday will be a very happy day...

Monday, 30 March 2015

Starting the Holidays

Am I trapped in an endless dream, far away from the sweet clutches of reality, or should I apply more faith into what my eyes are showing me? Today, I have woken up to the loveliest spell of sunshine that I've seen in ages - which is magnified even more whilst I lie on my bed in nowhere other than my bedroom. 

However, it's just occurred to me that it is a Monday, which leads me to ask quite an important question: aren't I supposed to be somewhere else? In fact, if I have a quick flick through my timetable, I ought to be listening to Paramore's Brand New Eyes on constant repeat in Performing Arts right now. Oh dear, getting my first detention as I assume my new role as senior prefect is so not going to look good on my record!

Then, if I peer a bit closer into the date at the bottom of my desktop screen, it says that today is 30th March. Wait, if I broke up for the Easter holidays on 27th, surely I don't need to be in school at all? Phew. Try trusting me with information at this time in the morning - you'd never survive if I was in charge!

As the relief wears off, excitement moves in like a cheerful neighbour: I've got two weeks off school!!! Usually, you'd never catch me using three exclamation points at the same time, but I can always make room for a remarkable exception - how often is it when I'm granted such a long break from studying? 

Oh yes, studying. Let's quietly crawl away from that word, which symbolises many hours of effort, sweat and certainly several glasses full with salty tears... Nah, as much as it pains me to say it, I doubt that I'm going to avoid studying anytime soon. Typically, I like to give myself a relaxing break away from textbooks and revision notes during most half-terms and two week holidays, but unfortunately it isn't on offer this time. Why? Just like all the other year groups at school, I've got several mock exams coming up that commence in fabulous style on the day I return in a fortnights' time. Gulp. 

Like a damsel-in-distress in a horror film, I'm shivering with fear at the prospect of sitting exams which, despite not being anything like the GCSE exams I'll have the honour of going through next year, could significantly affect which sets I'll be placed in in the near future. Although I have no problems with the likes of English Language/Literature, French (mainly the only exam that I'm really looking forward to), Sociology and even Science (as my teacher has assured me that, regardless of the grade I'll get, I stand quite a decent chance of moving up a set), I'm freaking out like a hysterical diva over my two Maths mock exams. 

For starters, I wasn't even told that I was going to have two mock exams - perhaps because my teacher anticipated my having a complete meltdown if he dared to let it slip during class! Furthermore, I don't have the faintest clue about what the exams will cover, which is stopping me from revising the subject. Sure, I might not have skipped up and down the hall like a kangaroo when I finally received my mock exam timetable last Friday, yet there is no way that I want to fail - even in the subjects that I detest with a vengeance. And, to make matters much worse, I can't even find past papers on the examination board's website which provides my Maths course - simply a wonderful beginning to a potentially traumatic ending...

Still, I'm not going to allow one tiny thing - OK, I'll admit that it's a bit bigger than that - ruin the two weeks ahead of me, which I'm keen to relish as though each day is the last. In the meantime, I'm going to combine an equal mixture of revision time (starting today with an oh-so-enjoyable French reading paper - a super easy A* within twenty minutes!) - and playtime. In my world, 'playtime' can mean anything such as listening to music, watching TV and gazing adoringly at the Lindt bunnies that I've only got until Thursday to wait for. 

Obviously, I think that mock exams can be rather unfair because they heavily impose on your holidays which, if my calculations are correct, will affect my life for another three years when I hopefully sit my GCSEs, AS-Levels and A2-Levels. Also, I'm considering whether to go to university or not, so I've got quite a few years until my Easter holidays and summers will be exam-free.

Before I do anything else, let's just focus on today and, for my benefit, try not to think too far in advance. As if I want to regret not focusing enough on the present day in the future - there is too much fun to not miss!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tuesday Tunes - Being Queen

It's a question that. at one point or another in our lives, we are faced with, yet we often don't give much thought to what it represents when it is posed to us: who are you?

Usually, I would just declare my first name (which, perhaps to your extremely great disappointment, I have no intentions of letting slip anytime soon) before proceeding to mentioning my surname if the situation requires it. Then, if my surname still does not satisfy the one questioning me (by now I would be dangerously hovering to the exploding-like-a-volcano area), I would stop in my tracks for several seconds and truly think about what I'm being asked.

What makes me who I am? There is a whole planet to explore when that question is put towards me because there are so many answers that I could give: the descriptions are endless! However, if I'm really keen on having my dinner before bedtime, I'm afraid that travelling the equivalent of Africa within the realms of my capacious mind is hardly an option; condensing my words into several sentences is quite necessary for the sake of going to bed with a satisfied appetite, I think!

Having offered myself several moments to consider the question in depth, here is my carefully laid-out response: I'm a sixteen year old girl, whose life revolves around sleeping, learning, watching TV (particularly documentaries on birth and kentucky fried chicken, though obviously not on just one programme!) and constantly resisting the urge to duck my head into bags of oh-so-moreish Maltesers.

In addition to my fabulous habits, I also run my own blog, which I spoil like a pampered dog (pets of which I've never had), whilst trying to maintain a somewhat existent social life in between studying for crucial exams that will ultimately determine which path I shall follow in a years' time.

Furthermore, my parents would describe me as hard-working, pleasant and cheerful, whereas my brother might toss words such as hormonal and bad-tempered in my face like a badly thrown pancake in a vain attempt to wind me up (though this only tends to occur when Sky Sports News has almost nothing interesting to report).

And finally, I gained the status of a prefect at school just over twenty four hours ago, which basically means that I can boss people about and claim the title of Queen Bee, leading a life as exciting as Regina George's (albeit in a dark navy, not bubblegum pink, uniform). Anything more I need to tell you?

OK, let's stop rattling on about questions and who you are because, at long last, I've reached the gloriously tasty sauce flowing within the middle of the warm chocolate pudding - being a prefect! Just a day ago, I found out that my role as a prefect was confirmed, which has made me part of a team of approximately twenty or so other prefects within my house. So, I've barely had any time to honestly process all that has recently happened because, in a way, it is somewhat dream-like; for a horrible short period of time, I even feared that I wouldn't become a prefect because so many other people had applied for the same role. Fortunately, those who either put themselves forward or had been nominated by teachers were accepted, so there was no need for any X Factor-style boot camps which, ultimately, would have been rather upsetting for everybody involved.

Also, I applied for the role ages ago and had, to an extent, slightly forgotten about it until yesterday, when I missed my first lesson (unfortunately English - sadly not the dreaded Maths test that I'll be sitting on Thursday morning!) to attend a training course which described what the year-long role holds. From next term, I'll be starting my prefect duties, gradually taking over from the present Year 11 prefects who will be devoting more of their time to preparing to their exams in May and June. Up until roughly around this point next year, I'll be carrying out my prefect duties, which range from patrolling my house's floors, attending parents' evenings and establishing a reputation as a role model to whom the younger years can look up.

All in all, I'm really excited about being a prefect, especially as several of my friends have the same role so it's wonderful to be able to share the experience with some close mates. Doesn't everything always seem easier when you have your friends to accompany you? After the Easter holidays, I will receive my badge, which will show my status to the other pupils. While I'm looking forward to wearing it, Mum's worried that I'll forget to take it off when she washes my blazer in the washing machine! Unlike the phone that I nearly forgot to take out of my pocket one time, I'll be extra careful with my prefect badge!

Thus leads me to one last thing: music. In my mind, I'm an all-powerful and unbeatable force of power, who radiates with as much regality as a member of the Royal Family. Within the playground, I am a Queen. So, doesn't a Queen deserve some songs which are a fitting tribute to her high class status? Away with the music, darling!

Lorde - Royals

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX - Fancy